Saturday, July 24, 2010

MySQL for Mac OS X Snow Leopard


1. Go to here to get MySQL for Mac:

2. Download the 32 bit .dmg archive. Click 'No thanks, just take me to the downloads!'

3. Run the archive and installer. (i.e. the mysql-5.x.xx-osx10.6-x86.pkg)

4. Set your root password by opening terminal and entering:

cd /usr/local/mysql/bin
sudo ./mysqladmin -u root password mysecretpassword

(I couldn't figure out the default password, nor was I asked to enter one during the installation)

5. Login and test it.

./mysql -u root -p

6. Open the dmg file you downloaded in step #2. Run the MySQLStartupItem.pkg.

7. Download MySQLWorkbench from if you need a GUI.

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