Saturday, July 24, 2010 - Google shell interface for geeks

This is a very interesting idea. Stefan Grothkopp's gives the user a unix/linux type shell interface for Google searches via a web browser.

I'm not sure if it searches any faster than Google, but learning a few command line, er, commands I guess a user can experience a streamlined and powerful search that has a nostalgic 'lynx' feel.

The features of Goosh are:

web : google web search
news: google news search
more: get more results
blogs: google blog search
read: read feed of url
feeds: google feed search
place: google maps search
translate: google translation
images: google image search
video: google video search
clear: clear the screen
wiki: wikipedia search
help: displays help text
cd: change mode
site: search in a specific website
open: open url in new window
go: open url
lucky: go directly to first result
ls: lists commands
addengine: add goosh to firefox search box
load: load an extension
calculate: evaluate a mathematical expression
settings: edit settings
gmail: read & write mail in gmail *
login: login with your google account *
logout: log out of goosh

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