Sunday, July 25, 2010

Enable .htaccess in Mac OS X Snow Leopard Apache

To enable .htaccess files in Mac OS X Snow Leopard:

1. Open terminal. Go to

cd /etc/Apache2

2. Then edit httpd.conf by typing:

sudo vi httpd.conf

3. Search for 'AllowOverride' by typing

/AllowOverride (+ return)

4. Change the line to:

AllowOverride All

(by using 'i' to insert and 'esc' to finish inserting text)

5. Search again for 'AllowOverride' by typing

/AllowOverride (+ return)

6. Change to:

AllowOverride All

7. Repeat these steps until all instances of AllowOverride are set to 'All'

8. Then save the file by pressing SHIFT+ZZ.

9. Then you need to edit your own website's file. CD to 'users' by

cd users

10. Then look for your conf file by typing:


11. My file is called mark.conf, so I edit it by typing:

sudo vi mark.conf

12. Again, make sure the respective line reads:

AllowOverride All

13. Restart Apache by disabling then re-enabling 'Web Sharing' in System Preferences.

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