Monday, February 14, 2011

My First iPhone App Approved :) "Scratch N Learn French"

So you know when your best friend brings their newly born baby round to see you and they're all like "look he's so cute" and you're like "meh... they all look the same." That's the mild programming high I'm feeling right now as I just got my first iPhone app approved at the app store. Maybe I should really keep on programming as a hobby.

Although, reflectively, the poorly designed icon and the sparse look and feel to the interface is looking a tad bit embarrassing now. I think there'll need to be a few tweaks for version 1.1. So; words of wisdom: DONT MAKE YOUR APP LOGOS AS AN AFTERTHOUGHT KIDS. ELSE THEY WILL LOOK CRUDDY LIKE THIS.

Naturally I'm feeling pretty happy with it though. It uses a sqlite database, some network connectivity, some xml and xpath and the likes.

I've a more detailed app (for iPad) currently in the "waiting for review" stage. That one will be a bit more to shout about once it is reviewed and (fingers crossed) approved.

I call it "Scratch N Learn French" which is an app that helps you learn French vocabulary by using flash cards that can be 'scratched off' to reveal the answer. Check it out at:

Ideas for future improvements are much welcomed!

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