Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Okay so, for anyone that knows me well, it is no big secret that I am a complete graphics Luddite. After stints with Paint Shop Pro in the 90s; since 2000 onwards I've been using MS Paint to do really primitive stuff and Gimp (via painfully reading HowTos) for anything that's a bit complicated. Today, I realized it is about time I took a step forward or else I'll soon be classified as a Quaker or something.

Enter Paint.Net in to my life, downloadable from:


What's great is that the software is DonationWare which means you can download the entire thing for free.. and donate once the tool starts making money for you (or at least that's how I translate the licensing model for DonationwWare :). Ahem... bash me if you disagree. ).

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