Sunday, July 10, 2011

Four reasons to use a CMS

I get a lot of traffic on this blog from people searching for help with Joomla issues. So I thought this might be relevant to some of my readers.

Question: Should you really use a content management system for your web project?

Some advantages involve ease of setup, ease of administration, adding new posts etc. Which are often a key selling point, especially when developing a website for users who deem themselves to be non-technical and don't want to mess around editing HTML and the likes.

Anyway, I just read this in something I was reading and would like to share it here:

Four Reasons to Use a Content Management System
  • 1. Do you need to update your website's content more than once a month?
  • 2. Do you plan to have a regularly updated blog on the site? (Note: Regularly updated = someone will be responsible for it. Blog posts don't come out of nowhere.)
  • 3. Will non-technical/non-web developers be writing posts, updating the site, etc?
  • 4. Will you need the ability to update/manage/maintain the site from any location, without using special software like an FTP client etc?

If you answered 'Yes' to any of those questions, then you're likely to need one. If you didn't, then why not consider just making a static website?

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